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Aayush Tiwari –

No love with you no one to talk

No friend is yours nor a ground to walk

You, you and you only
Time this is when you feel lonely.

No one cares your thoughts are aghast

You are stabbed by memories flashing from the past.

Deceived by yourself as you hear your groans

Locked in your room when you cry all alone.

Oh for silence within then you strive,

Not on consolations, to dry your eyes

Seek inner light in that darkness so deep.

And listen to the soundtrack as silently you weep

Loneliness as such is the most dangerous enemy

But it also could be the most faithful friend

Loneliness in heart fans a fire

That may burn or can take one higher

It is a disease as well as the cure

Of the blabbering mind that tries to control.

Loneliness weakens you or can give you strength

It can guide you but can also seduce

It gives you a wildness, vital during falls

On wounds it is lotion that acts like salt

In this purest mirror you talk to your heart.

You see your weakness and rip it apart

It devastates arrogance, your purity this price.

To teach you strictly the meaning of life

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