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The Cobra’s Tongue

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Aayush Tiwari –

Oh, poet’s unheard, oh my hero’s unsung.
With tears in eyes, a song is sung.
These bleeding forests this sobbing world .
A tribute here comes from the Cobra’s Tongue.

Oh, Poets of mine with the pen of fire.
With the nib of poison you broke the ice.
As their ‘He-He’ their ‘Ha-Ha
Their ‘Bie- bie’ their ‘Ta-ta.

All got burried in the sands of time.

You saw them, singing in Titanic of life.
“Oh Ice berg , Oh ice berg,” you know they’ll scream.
You did your best but the ships got sunk.
But they dint understand that ‘Cobra’s Tongue’.

Writers the poets your verses were theirs.
That Atlantic Ocean is full of ice.
You warned, you warned, how seas flung.
But the Titanic lovers and their ‘Clung- Dung- Yum’

The ‘hiss’ comes later the tongue shimmers first.
And foam they vomitt as Cobras hunt.
That foam from the mouth with ‘awk awk awk’.
Is vengeance of ignoring that Cobra’s Tongue

They boarded their ships they listened all punk.
And how blatantly they mocked the poet’s pain.
Only art is real, rest is junk
But Nazis they were in Nuremberg Trials.

The ‘awk’ and ‘ouch’ are not later heard.
With wisdom literature out of life.
In codes poets wrote “FOAM FROM MOUTH”.
In prose they reflected the “SERPENT’S EYES”..

Spiritual ignorance yet so cozy.
So never they cared for the words of yours.
Oh fly they are, in the web of spiders .
Yet the writers they always called for fight.

So all the best , when blue will be face.
We’l see them there, where all are one.
Those near death moments , when milk is rum.
Cheers missed – hiss, of the COBRA’S TONGUE.

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