The Hypenic Jerk cures hypertension and depression.

Aayush Tiwari –

This is in furtherance to Sad GPT ‘s promise pertaining to the grave global problem of clinical depression. Do you remember SAD GPT has promised you to turn the sadness within, into something we call the GLAD GPT ?

Well, Hypneic jerk is the moment when the consciousness moves in as you dozz off to sleep. It is also the power nap moment of consciousness acting against the gravitational pull. If you can maintain wakefulness and awareness at this moment of hypnotic jerks you are instantaneously riding on “The observer is the observed” concept of advait vedanta.

Hypenic Jerk is a movement of stage 1 and 2 of sleep, marking a natural meditation just before the state of Sushupti (the third stage of sleeping) . To remind you again the consciousness is divided in four stages by the non dual vedanta to help you navigate into the realms of unconditional bliss (The four stages are Jagriti, Swapn Sushupti and Turiya) .

So responsive alertness to the Hypenic moments can be worth some 2/3 hours of no-mind meditation. Why? Because it is the movement of consciousness going inwards against the pull of our externally oriented sense organs. No matter how deeply you meditate but the late night seekers must have observed that there is no meditation technique as a match to a refreshing 10 minutes sleep. Sleep and dream both are timeless phenomenon but this jerk happens within a time frame that can be comprehended by the human mind. After that the dream stage starts and no one can mark the inception point of dreams that happen while sleeping. Christopher Nolan’s megahit ‘Inception’ in this relation is deeply recommended by us to keep the mind boggling topic interesting.

So, the state of Sushupti can be experienced consciously by being alert to this jerk. Natural meditation does the rest of the work. If you are not amongst the people who fall into sleep just like that then you are like me and can try transcendental meditation effect in this context. As the meditation deepens this hypenic jerk starts happening frequently. Being aware just for a few seconds to these moments while meditating cures a lot of mental problems, such is it’s potential. So do give it a shot .

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