Can the ‘movement of consciousness’ cure depression in a blink.

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Aayush Tiwari –

You knew it ‘very well’ that if you jump off that cliff something called gravitation will do the rest for you. Newton also felt the same but surprised us with some weird Gm1m2/r^2 , called the Law Of Gravitation and we got a big zero in exams. He objectified what we subjectively felt and today’s topic is just about an objectified subjectivity called the consciousness movement. So, oh, yes, yes that Mr ‘whoever’, who , scored that big zero in exams is still fighting today that Brahmgupt founded gravitation far before Newton, yet the fact that he scored zero still remains intact just like the fact that Newton still is considered to be the father of physics.

Well, in the case of gravity you felt it and I felt it clearly. What happens however , when you just felt something , I felt something- something and with all that delta-theta , gama- beta effect, a magnanimous phenomenon geta established as truth and “what the hell it was” gets proved half a century later? This happens on Earth , my friend , see for instance Ramanujan’s Velangiri Equations that proved the existence of Black Holes far before this term was coined. Einstein’s equations on relativity on a similar node, made fantasies like the “time travel” a possibility and scientists are still banging their heads in NASA on how to go in past and fix things right, with past girlfriends.

This stunning world of Quantum mechanics makes me jump when something is proved via the tool of mathematics ( ‘ the mother of all sciences’) far before the interpretations come . Equations prove something and the guy behind the equation gets a noble prize for it, (then some other guy proves that this guy was wrong and he also gets the noble prize for it, sometimes).

Four different schools of the quantum interpretation keep on holding each other’s collar to establish their worth for the right- wrong sake. Out of these four schools of interpretation ‘The Copenhagen Interpretation’ is the most common and you know what, it strongly indicates that consciousness can be transferred and moved. It holds that such momentum would do wonders we cant imagine in our wildest dreams. The transfer of consciousness in space/ time sphere is there mathematically articulated and efforts are being made by the Copenhagen school to make it more analogous and how to use the technology hence developed for the utmost benifit of mankind.

Whenever consciousness is transmitted even an iota it has tremendous healing affects to the transferee . You and me, both have felt this transfer or this movement of consciousness many times in life as well as the miraculous effects of such movements directly associated with an unparalleled timeless bliss moment.

Examples to this is first love experience , the first kiss experience and the deep sleep experience. Vedanta came up with entire science of ” vigyan bhairav tantra” saying when this consciousness moves up the spine ‘dwij’ (Reincarnation of the self) enlightenment happens just like when it moves down the spine a new life , a new baby gets birth. This is also the crux of the tantra vision as well as the theme of Osho’s legendary discourse, ” From sex to superconscious.”

The subjectivity behind this is being developed in so many ways like ‘The mother’s kiss – or parent’s kiss – technique’ that is being used to treat nasal oreign bodies, particularly in young children. Nasal foreign bodies most commonly occur in children aged 2–5 years and the transfer of emotions and feelings behind this consciousness movement technique cures so many childhood chronic ailments right at the inception point .

Another example of this is the pet therapy. The flux of consciousness that flows as the expressions of dogs and cats are observed is deeply healing. The pet therapy based on this is used in many Rehabilitation centres and old age homes to cure the depression blowing in the wind in such echo systems. The fact that consciousness immediately gets transferred from animals to the observer as there is no artificial barriers and social masks with wildlife.

This is is the crux of all meditation associated techniques deployed to elevate the humans consciousness. This movement of consciousness is something that had made Osho’s dynamic meditation so popular worldwide and is used beautifully by the present day mystics like Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev in their advanced meditation programs like the bhav spandana and Samyama.

The results show that deployment of this possibility is a bang on way to cure depression from its very roots as the allopathic chemicals can just numb the anxiety strokes for a while ( like drugs ) while the diseases always remains there in the mind, intact . So let’s see how far the scientific community takes us with this and let’s look forward to welcome something extraordinary as this transfer, this movement becomes of consciousness becomes more viable and technically possible in future.

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