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I am a spiritual terrorist

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Aayush Tiwari –

So as I ask you why the hell does your guru want you to look at a beautiful flower. After all it is also a sensual activity. How can be any impression whether beautiful or ugly that can be identified by our sensory appatus be deemed as spiritual. If yes then what would you call the experiences induced by alcohol, LSD or marijuana, super spiritual? As the synergy of vedanta and modern science reveals the closest you can get to what can be called spiritual is the state of deep deamless sleep, the delta State . Your breathing is happening, your digestion is happening for those 10/15 minutes that you enter the deep sleep but you are not there, your mind your thoughts your stories are not there. The next morning, you can feel so fresh and vitalized yet you can’t put into words where you were for those ten minutes that recharged you enough to toil and strive for the herculean struggle awaiting everyday in life. If we pull it down a little ‘upwards’ then yes you must have noticed classical singers going in a state of trance, the marathon runners running in a thoughtless rhythm, or a dancer dissolving in the dance itself. Yes, this state can be close to what we generally don’t consider spiritual and all the rest are just activities of mind. Vedanta call this state as the state of sushupti and the yogis who have really ever tapped into this blissful state have called this sheath of our being as the anandmayakosha.

So as it stands one of the most brilliant sufi scholars Abdul Rahim Khankhana puts it beautifully as
” Rahiman baat agey ki kahat sunat ki naahi,
Jo janat so kahat nahi , Jo kahat so janat naahi”. Indeed Jo janat so kahat nahi jo kahat so janat naahi ( the one who knows wont say, the one who says won’t know the agnostic) is the essence of real spirituality. What would the wise men say as they understand any word that falls in the mind would automatically be processed in the mind into a story and the story again would branch out into a thousand more stories eventually funneling down the truth in the domain of experiences relating it with past memories. That is actually the exact opposite of spiritual insights as that is the zone of the infinite timeless no mind.

So if you ask me what is my message for humanity and what methods do I prescribe, I would say I really have nothing to say. No one who realised something has anything to say other than some symbols, some codes some formulas that are just like a finger pointing towards the moon. Nevertheless the finger pointing the moon is not the moon itself and as the present trends reveal I understand very well that no matter what one do the finger will be considered to be the moon. Vedanta, martial arts, tao, tanden all are symbolic representations of the truth and the way gurus and mystics these days are deploying them is nothing but a sham , a zillion dollar scam. We live in a world where thoughts are given too much importance without even questioning what are actually thoughts. When we call my thought, do we reall mean our thoughts, or does it imply a constant constipation of the brain recycling it’s memory to ensure the existence of the humn mind. Isn’t mind a constant chattering and collapses into the soul as this chattering stops. But like everything tends to survive the mind knows well that it can’t exist without chattering and blabbering and hence keeps us away from the divine silence that is the subject matter of all spiritual Magnum Opus. Yes I do believe in scriptures as they are indicative but to all that tends to manipulate their indications I am a staunch rival. As UG Krishnamurthy once said that I am like a dog barking, all that is comming out of me is t barking of a dog and you are the one who is trying to convert this barking into a language, English language , I agree with him totally and completely. To all the belief systems that prevail today in the money market of spirituality where even enlightenment is promised for a few bugs there I am nihilism. If I say this loud and clear I would not forget what was the consequence Socrates, Jesus, Osho and Mansoor endured for eroding the belief systems of the masses and if I don’t say it loud and clear I would rather be in peace absolutely immersed in my being. Yes, I am a spiritual terrorist not interested I waging a war with comfort zones of the crowd.

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