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How to catch the AI Generated Content.

Plant a hidden joke to nab The AI Generated Content.

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Aayush Tiwari –

A couple of years back the AI was quite helpless to use figures of speech like metaphors, puns and similes. With bullet swift developments, the case is different altogether now. It can generate poems, fairy tales, reviews, ratings and what not.

This is a serious issue as it reaches the billion dollar figure when world’s top rating agencies generate a thousand page report in minutes with quantum ai softwares and charge the clients heavily for an overpriced labour .

Recently, I approached a top notch review firm to get a few of my writeups reviewed and with a little common sense a perfect murder of creativity was caught. To my utter surprise the firm responded with a sample review with an incredible speed and the review was cent per cent accurate. Obviously proportionate were their charges as well.

However I could not refrain from deploying the Sherlock Holmes within me and by the virtue of me being an advocate a little investigatiom caught the Digital Charles Sobhraj red handed.

Let’s understand first how a joke or satire is something enigmatic for the AI till date. If you zoom it closer you will realize that a joke all of a sudden breaks a mental sequence and teleports you to a zone where only loud he- haws echo. Thinking pattern when disrupts suddenly, the consciousness manifests like a laughing buddha. Yes, AI and GPT can imitate a Buddha but not the laughing Buddha. It is a no-mind zone and the AI or even the Quantum AI is the emperor of information driven intellect, not consciousness.

Coming back to my experience. I Immediately cross checked my satires and jokes emnedded in the write ups and the review they gave got exposed.

In the light of the above, let’s substantiate the fact with another live example. Recently one of my colleagues, Shiny Mack Khan wrote an uncanny satire on

I consulted another top Rating Firm to write a review on the blog and they conducted a heart surgery on each and every line. But what they missed was the satire, the latent sense of humor, as the content they boomeranged was an AI generated informative crap. Again the laughing buddha nabbed the thief red handed and together me and my buddy continued the probe further.

With a thousand and one samples we tested the AI apps. We gave inputs asking the ultra modern GPT -Techies to write reviews and ratings and to our solace the “complex emotion” called laughter always remained virgin.

If you see a man suddenly falling down in a funny way, you might get a belly shaking laughter dose but a cow standing near by will remain unfazed witnessing the same scene. THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE. Laughter, humor, comedy are all the ingredients of a complex emotion that distinguishes humans from animals, and yes off course, from AI as well.

In furtherance I feel empowered to share the gurumantra for today. In this technically dependent world humans are getting lazy not human cunningness. “Mind my words, the AI is far more dangerous than nuces(nuclear bombs”, said Elon Musk recently. Yes, he is right and no plagiarism checker will be of any help in future other than this divine uniqueness of humans called laughter to catch this perfect digital criminal alias AI ( When used unscrupulously ).

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