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6 Advantages of the Facelifted 2023 Tata Safari over the MG Hector Plus

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Mack Khan –
The 2023 Tata Safari is a three-row SUV that outperforms many of its competitors in several respects, including the MG Hector Plus. Here are six key areas where the Safari stands out:

Ventilated 2nd Row Seats:
If you want enhanced comfort, the 6-seater variants of the 2023 Tata Safari offer ventilated seats in both the first and second rows. This is in contrast to the MG Hector Plus which only offers front ventilated seats.

Diesel Automatic:
The 2023 Tata Safari offers a 6-speed automatic transmission with its 170PS 2-litre diesel engine, while the MG Hector Plus’s diesel engine comes with only a manual transmission.

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Dual Zone Climate Control:
The 2023 Tata Safari provides dual-zone, fully automatic climate control, which is a more convenient feature than the single-zone unit in the MG Hector Plus. Both models also support smartphone control.

Connected LED Lighting:
The 2023 Tata Safari features connected LED tail lights and DRLs with a welcoming and goodbye function, which provides an updated design. However, this function is lacking in the MG Hector Plus.

Better Digital Driver’s Display:
The 2023 Tata Safari comes with a superior 10.25-inch fully digital driver’s display that is highly customizable and can display navigation from the infotainment system. On the other hand, the MG Hector Plus comes with a less customizable 7-inch digital instrument cluster.

Boss Mode:
The 2023 Tata Safari has a unique feature that allows the co-driver seat to have a 4-way powered adjustment and includes Boss mode. This mode enables occupants behind that seat to open up legroom if no one is sitting ahead of them.

In conclusion, the facelifted 2023 Tata Safari outperforms the MG Hector Plus in several ways, featuring superior ventilated seats, diesel automatic transmission, dual-zone climate control, connected LED lighting, digital driver’s display, and unique Boss mode. The starting prices for both models and their competition with the Mahindra XUV700 and Hyundai Alcazar should also be noted.

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