Uttarakhand: BJP will distribute MP tickets on the basis of report card.

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Mack Khan

Uttarakhand: Confusion over BJP’s MP tickets!

Lok Sabha elections declared- It will hardly take a few weeks for the code of conduct to be implemented. The formula for ticket distribution in BJP is not clear but one thing is crystal clear. PM Narendra Modi-HM and Bahubali Amit Shah-party chief Jagat Prakash Nadda and the names and faces of the candidates for the union elections will be finalized. The approval of CM Pushkar Singh Dhami has to be taken. Without this, anyone’s claim hardly reaches the top. Even if it reaches somehow, it will not be possible to take the opinion of PSD. Pushkar, the only Pushkar of Uttarakhand and BJP, who has become the Chief Minister for 2 consecutive times, has a golden opportunity to elevate his stature after this Lok Sabha election

Chief Minister Pushkar has the impression that he avoids expressing his choice in public.He believes in working with silence.Whatever is the will-command-choice of the High Command, he gets firmly involved in it.If party sources are to be believed, he had left everything to the high command even in the formation of the cabinet.Whatever he does-in a head-on style.He is working as a leader by taking the ministers who were given.Any other government Every CM tries to ensure that most or 100% of the faces in his cabinet or council of ministers belong to his camp or his trust.

Now Pushkar has a great opportunity to strengthen herself and BJP from the Lok Sabha elections.All of the five candidates are very senior.Even one time MP is none.All have become MPs 2 or more times.Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank and Tirath Singh Rawat have been CM.Nishank is part of the Modi cabinet at the Center while Ajay Bhatt is still a Minister of State in the Center.Maharani Mala Rajya Lakshmi continued to win Ajay Tamta is also a 2-time MP.Among the five, the party and Modi-Shah-Nadda-Sangh will once again like to field in the Lok Sabha.

Whoever will realize and guess, he is only the Chief Minister PSD. His image and reputation has been not to interfere unduly in the work of his ministers. It is possible that after the Lok Sabha elections, he will do two things simultaneously with the approval of the high command. Expansion of the cabinet and the inclusion of the new with the departure of old faces. This will make his government more effective. He will also be able to make himself politically stronger. Before that the opportunity in his hands In the distribution of Lok Sabha tickets, the name and face of his loyal-more young-capable should be stamped and their names should be sent for Modi-Shah’s approval. Generally, CM PSD does not send any message about what he is thinking or is going to decide, but any politician would definitely like to do so.

If political scholars are to be believed, Pushkar can adopt this kind of Chanakya policy with silence. Talking to the big names of the BJP, they do not have a moment’s hesitation in accepting that Chief Minister Pushkar is in this position today to make or spoil anyone’s political future in Uttarakhand. PM Modi-HM Shah has a hand and a lot of patronage on him.He is already considered close to the Sangh-Nadda.Modi’s historic-wonderful public meeting of Pithoragarh and the unforgettable Adi Kailash Yatra have recorded a lot of centuries-fours-sixes in his scoresheet.The recent Global Investors Summit has put many stars-Ashok-Cross on his shoulders.

In the BJP, Pushkar is considered to be one of the most trusted and trusted young Chief Ministers of Modi-Shah.It is also believed that he is among the few second line faces of the party across the country, who is only a matter of time to be brought to the frontline. Those who understand the situation and power believe that whatever final decision the Modi-Shah-high command takes on the distribution of Lok Sabha tickets, Chief Minister Pushkar’s likes and dislikes will play a very important role behind it.

It is a matter of fact that no one knows whether Pushkar likes to fight again or would really like to bet on new faces very close to him.The reality is that along with young faces, many big and old experienced people are also having the passion and intention to wield the sword in the electoral battle this time. Soon after the inauguration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya on January 22, political pictures can start clearing fast in Uttarakhand too.

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