Live chess streaming is an overnight hit in 2024.

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One of the ways to generate a huge source of secondary income is unleashing the Power of Live Chess Streaming. Connecting Players and engaging an intellectual audiences Worldwide just like Steve Job’s had the capacity to create an affluent echo system as compared with android. Yes, this is a fact as who is the richest man today keeps on fluttering amongst Bezos, Billy and Musk but the company with the largest market capitalization remains the same – Apple and it’s I.phone .

The Intuitive hunch technique used in chess leaves the opponent in awe as we write a live report on a sample of Live Chess Streaming before we segment it for the segment whi can actually deploy it via BHEEM( Bhartiya Interface For Money) and PayPal’s slight communication gap.

Understanding Elon Musk and his PayPal model with an infinite users using paytm, phonepe, bharatpay and gpay is the key to understand this blog.

This is a possibility to encash the brilliant opportunity shared by a player of the legend league at www.chess.com and it must be stated clearly that blog is written for www.newsspace.in only because of featuring a series of the online chess revolution at it’s revolutionary bump on indian prodigies . So it will make more sense for the players rated above 1200 elo by the FIDE which are in millions in India itself.

Live chess streaming has become an increasingly popular phenomenon, revolutionizing the way chess enthusiasts engage with the game. With platforms like Twitch and YouTube providing a dedicated space for live streaming, chess players from all levels now have the opportunity to showcase their skills in real-time to a global audience. This has allowed for a wider reach and accessibility, granting chess lovers the chance to watch and learn from some of the best players in the world, regardless of their geographical location.

The scope of live chess streaming expands beyond simply watching games unfold. Viewers are not only able to observe the moves and strategies employed by grandmasters, but they can also actively engage with the streamers through chat interactions. This direct interaction fosters a sense of community, as viewers can ask questions, discuss strategies, and even challenge the streamer to friendly matches. This interactivity enhances the overall chess experience, making it both educational and entertaining for both players and viewers alike. Additionally, live chess streaming has also paved the way for commentary and analysis, where expert players provide insights and breakdowns of ongoing matches, allowing for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the game.


1. d4 d5 2. c4 Nc6.

This game is near ratings of 1200 whuch is a handsom eligibility criteria on the codes of making millions in 2024.

Black plays the unusual Scandinavian Defense, transferring the game into the Center Game.

3. cxd5 Qxd5 4. Nf3 Bf5

Black develops their light-squared bishop and gains some control over the e4 square.

5. Nc3 Qa5

Black attacks the undefended a2 pawn and pins the knight on c3 to the white queen on d1.

6. Qb3 O-O-O

Black castles kingside to ensure safety for their king, while White develops their queen and puts pressure on b7.

7. e3 Nf6

Black’s knight continues to develop towards the center, aiming to control important squares.

8. Bd2 Nd5

White’s queen is still under attack, so it retreats to d2 while Black attacks the knight on b5.

9. Nb5 Qb6

White develops their knight to attack the queen, but Black simply retreats their queen to b6.

10. Ng5 e5

Black takes advantage of White’s knight being trapped on b5 and launches a strong central pawn push.

11. Nxf7 Bb4

White captures the pawn on f7 with their knight, hoping to provoke a weakened black pawn structure. However, Black responds with a counterattack, simultaneously discovering an attack on the white bishop on b4.

12. Bxb4 exd4

White defends their bishop with a pawn move, and Black sacrifices an exchange to open up lines towards White’s king.

13. Nxh8 Nxe3

Black launches a powerful double attack, threatening both checkmate on g2 and a devastating discovered attack on the white rook on d1.

14. fxe3 dxe3

White captures the knight on e3, but Black gives up their other knight to further open lines around the white king.

15. Nf7 Nd4

Black continues the attack, sacrificing another piece to expose vulnerabilities in the white king’s position.

16. Qc4 Be6

White’s pieces are being continually attacked, and now Black’s rook joins the assault, attacking the white queen.

17. Nfd6+ Rxd6

White is forced to give up their queen, as capturing it with the bishop would lead to checkmate.

18. Nxd6+ Kb8

Black’s king walks into a seemingly dangerous spot, but White doesn’t have any immediate threats.

19. Qc3 cxd6

White develops their pieces and attacks the black queen, but Black defends it with their bishop while also attacking the white knight on b5.

20. Rd1 Nb5

White’s last move was a blunder, losing the knight on b5. Black develops their knight and attacks the exposed white bishop on d6.

21. Qxg7 a5

Black advances their pawn, protecting their knight while undermining the white knight on b5.

22. Qf8+ Ka7

White checks the black king, forcing it to move to a more exposed square.

23. Bxd6 Nxd6

Black captures the undefended bishop on d6 and further undermines White’s pawn structure.

24. Rxd6 Qb4+

White’s king is forced to move as Black checks the white king with their queen.

25. Ke2 Bg4+

Black checks once again, forcing the white king to move and creating more threats.

26. Kxe3 Qe1+

Black checks the white king, forcing it to move again and continuing to put pressure on White’s position.

27. Kd4 Qd2+

Black checks the white king again, forcing it to move once more.

28. Bd3 Qb4+

Black checks the white king one more time, forcing it to move for the fourth time in a row.

29. Bc4 Qxb2+

Black captures the undefended knight on b2 and threatens checkmate.

30. Kd5 Qd2+

Black forces the white king to move again with a check.

31. Kc5 b6+

Black checks the white king and puts it in a mating net.

32. Rxb6 Qe3+

White’s attempts to defend are futile, as Black’s attack is too strong.

33. Kd5 Be6+

Black checks the white king again and forces it to move further.

34. Kc6 Qxb6#

Black delivers the final checkmate with their queen on b6. White is unable to escape the relentless attack and is defeated.

This was a sample chess streaming to set the hypothesis of this treasure hunt.

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