Union Budget 2024: Achieving Stability through Samata Yogam UcchaYate

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Aayush Tiwari –

The Union Budget 2024 is set to be a game-changing event for the Indian economy, with the government’s focus on achieving stability through the principles of samta, as described in the Bhagawad Gita. As the country gears up for the Lok Sabha election in 2024, it is important to understand the significance of samta and its role in shaping the economic policies of the nation.

In the first part of this series, we discussed how all elements in the periodic table tend to move towards stability, which is known as samta. This concept is not only applicable in the field of chemistry, but also in modern physics, where every phenomenon in the cosmos strives to establish equilibrium. It is no wonder then, that Lord Krishna in the Bhagawad Gita, also known as the sankhaya yoga, refers to samta as the supreme state.

The concept of samta is not limited to just the physical world, but also extends to the realm of the mind and body. Lord Krishna urges all yogis to strive towards achieving samta through the integration of their brain, mind, and body. This integration is crucial for maintaining balance and harmony in one’s life, and is a key element in the pursuit of samta.

In recent times, the concept of samta has gained recognition in the field of economics as well. The Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to Dr. John Nash for his pioneering work on the Nash equilibrium, which is based on the principle of samta. The Nash equilibrium is a concept in game theory, where all players in a game strive to achieve a state of equilibrium, where no one can improve their position by changing their strategy.

Applying this concept to the Union Budget 2024, we can see how the government’s economic policies will aim to achieve a state of equilibrium, where all sectors of the economy are balanced and stable. This is crucial for the overall growth and development of the nation, and is in line with the principles of samta.

The upcoming Lok Sabha election in 2024 will also be greatly influenced by the concept of samta. As political parties gear up for the election, they will have to take into consideration the needs and demands of all sections of society, in order to achieve a state of equilibrium and garner support from all segments of the population. This is where the concept of samta becomes crucial, as it promotes inclusivity and equality for all.

In the second part of this series, we will delve deeper into the application of samta in the Union Budget 2024 and the Lok Sabha election 2024. We will analyze how the principles of samta can be used to create a balanced and stable economy, and how it can help in achieving success in the upcoming election.

As we wait for the Union Budget 2024 and the Lok Sabha election 2024, it is important to keep the concept of samta in mind. Let us strive towards achieving balance and stability in all aspects of our lives, and contribute towards the progress and development of our nation. As Lord Krishna says in the Bhagawad Gita, “समता योगम उच्चयते” – samta is the path to ultimate success. Let us embrace this principle and work towards a better and more stable future for all.

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