It’s OK to be different : Vibhor Arya

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I am Vibhor Arya and I have autism. I feel way better as I am able to perform many of the task as academic, cleanliness and follow routines.
I am overwhelmed my loud noises, crowd, bright lights.

My communication may be limited, I express it by gestures, words, grabbing and by touching.
I like to express my feelings, emotions, pain, tired by smiling and crying followed by words, which disturbs others.

I am different. Accept me the way I am. I stim, I make sounds or hum loud, flicker my hands, I shake my head, I jump like a bunny but believe me these are my way to express happiness or calm down overwhelming situations. But these are seen as disturbing scenes. I do it unknowingly.

I have autism but gifted as well. I am good in learning, but my style of learning is different.
I celebrate my differences but ready to learn. If every one of you can join me in my journey of autism, this will create a new world for me.
Autism will remain lifelong with me. I am geared to do my part of chores to make the world beautiful. Everyone, you can make beautiful for each one of us by not judging us. Be empathetic and humble, allowing us to be what we are.

We are different, we are humans as well.
On Autism awareness month celebrate our differences, embrace us as friends.

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