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Advocate Aayush Tiwari –

Bad news it is for the lawyers as the AI equipped apps are now ready to solicit legal advice too. The expert opinion for which the lawyers charge in exchange of pouring their expertise on the subject matter is now heading to be substituted a little by what we call the ‘pocket lawyer’ ( As of now) .The integrated digital platform of the pocket lawyer synergies the GPS for jurisdiction , Machine Learning for citing the precedents (Supreme Court’s Decisions) and the DBMS( Data Base Management System) for citing concrete legal provisions( As articulated in the legal bare acts) with an accuracy of almost 99.99 percent.

We grew up as a witness to the world being revolutionized by the ‘techies’. Again for example, like Jeff Bezos in 1995 recognised the online shopping as a human ‘want’ and within a decade this ‘want’ became a human ‘need’ and over the next few years this ‘need’ generated an online addiction. The digital tide did the rest and soon the entire shopping universe was brought in our pockets by the Amazon app installed in our smartphones. Shopping is still a luxury yet such a revolution . Imagine what if the ‘needs’ like ‘Administration Of Justice’ and the healthcare will get substituted in place of mere ‘wants’.

Unimaginable , incomprehensible and incomprehensible will be our world in near future as the AI would bridge the human ‘wants’ with human ‘needs’. We can’t even fathom what revolution will and what innovative disruption will happen as law will come under its ambit too. It’s not a speculation but the future as the ‘Pocket Lawyer’ and the ‘Pocket Doctor ‘ are ready to be launched.

We can cut out a paragraph to discuss a little bit about the algorithm behind the pocket lawyer. To deliver a solid legal advice the knowledge of cases laws already decided by the apex court is a vitality. Then the relevant provisions articulated in the legal bare acts is the vitality number two. In the light of the above the pocket lawyer runs programing loops through the digital legal database for the legal provisions and the machine learning deploys the ‘ ratio decidendi’ from the case laws with reference to the key words with least Google garbage to reach till virtual legal guidence solicited with almost perfection.

If you remember the public booth telephones the PCOs and the queue standing to make a ‘local call’ , ‘STD call’ some ten/fifteen years back then you would better co relate with the concept of innovative disruption. The PCOs are bombed by the telecom revolution and the cell phones turned many PCO owners literary into beggars. This is innovative disruption. Pagers disappeared even before getting viral. This is also an example the Innovative disruption. Such is the flux of technology and now it is ready to intrude and mess with the professional degree holders, the lawyers and doctors. So statue, freeze and let’s adapt before we upgrade you on this very soon.

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