Mathematics behind the Hindutv Model is the trump card of BJP.

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Aayush Tiwari –

‘ज्ञान विज्ञानं नाशनम ‘ (Electric impulses that destroy both wisdom and Science. – Gyan Vigyan Nashanam. ( Chapter 3 verse 41 Bhagawad Gita)

Lok Sabha Elections 2024.
” Religion without science is blind, science without religion is lame”.

Albert Einstein

So blind religion is ‘Andhvishwas’ and lame technology is a weapon of self destruction. But Religion blended with science is collective consciousness and if you have understood KAILASH KHER’S hynotic song “Jagat Chetna(collective consciousness ) hun anadi ananta then this abstract blog might be for you.

We have discussed before that rag dwesh, kam krodh, lobh and moh simulate the mind and brain like high and low electric impulses affect the ALU(Arithmetical Logical Unit ). An entire nation can be controlled by generating these impulses in a mathematical progression. This mathematical progression is the ‘Sankhya Shastra’ by Kapil Muni that know one knows how got vanished from the earth. Only its references, citations and shabd praman remain. Even it’s references are so powerful that right fron the zero to the decimal, right from the Namagiri Equations to Shree Dharacharya’s method of solving the quadratic equations even the “Dharm Sansthapna”- ie social order in the society can be applied for sacrosanct electoral predictions.

“Philos and Sofia (Philosophy) without equations are an endless debate”, said Galileo. Newton proved him right by linking Bramhgupta ‘s concept of gravitons and gravity in F = gm1m2/r^2.

Amit Shah is a mathematics of this statistics.

Coming back to Newton things were smooth but with mass energy equivalence proposed by Albert Einstein in 1905, “Vasudhev Kutumbhkam” Revolutionized the field of physics and changed our understanding of the universe forever reviving the Upanishads . This is the applied maths +vedanya by Foreign Minister S Jaishankar.

Now comes aura and charisma of the prime minister that reflects as if some force had made him a medium to do things in a way mentioned in the Katho Upnishad.

And if you have you ever wondered where this equation came from and how it connects to the ancient wisdom of the Vedic literature that modi ji applies ?

“Ayam Nijah Paroveti Garhna Ch Laghu chetsam.
Udaar Charitanantu VASUDHEV KUTUMBHKAM.” Ie the interconnectedness of everything with everything – The particle entanglement theory of the quantum mechanics.

Now comes the digital media, social media campaigns -The hindutv model works on the inferences drawn from the Photon in double slit experiment that proved the concept of maya via establishing the illusionary nature of wave particle equanimity when observed and wave particle non duality when not being observed. This was fueled further with the particle entanglement theory of the quantum mechanics as discussed befire. That provides the mathematical basis for Krishna rescuing Draupadi and the Ahrawat faster than the speed of light. (Nagn path haj ke rudan par daurne wale prabhu). This krishna consciousness was against Albert Einstein’s theory that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light but the ancient wisdom of the vedic literature knew well the particle entanglement (wave equation) quite well – “Yatha Brahmande tatha pinde yatha pinde tatha bramhande. ” And that is the power of Dowal – Jaishankar + Modi Shah equation.

Mathematics behind the Hindutv Model is the trump card of BJP. This is the USP of Sudhanshu Trivedi as he is the poster boy in prime time debates. Amit Shah works like a mathematician with the stats and less like a politician. This is why the sankhya yoga and modern physics plus AI, digital era understanding make the BJP invincible as far as the hindu vote bank directly related to the hindutv model is concerned.

Ignorance of the vedic literature Albert Einstein made biggest blunder of his life by considering the ‘Cosmological Constant’ as the Bramh Tatv. Similarly the maths behind the Hindutv model can defeat a rival of Einstein level. He got into an illusion that just like he unified the mass and energy he can also unify the four fundamental forces of the universe : Gravity, Electromagnetism, Weak Nuclear and Strong Nuclear force in his grand unified theory. This illusion is created via the soft power projection despite this understanding that illusion in vedic maths exist (Let P=0) only till the desired result is achieved.

What Albert Einstein overlooked was the effort to unify them that were already united. #bhagawadgitainbinarycodes by publications. The cosmological constant was the Einstein’s error as it overlooked the governing dynamics of the ever expanding universe held together with something scientists call the Dark Energy and the Dark Matter and multiplied the constant by 1 rather than zeri . This Dark Energy and Dark Matter is 99 percent of the Universe as per NASA and somewhere it resembles the pattern of the dancing shiva, The natraj. This natraj explained by Sudhanshu Trivedi on a national channel is the soft power projection like the equation of the projectile motion.

Simulation generates the votes. And via simulation national sentiments, communal sentiments and individual sentiments can be nudges. Before we understand Stephen Hawkins calling life a simulation and Rag Dwesh, Kam Krodh bombarding the ethereal human body (chitt, karan shareer) like high and low electric impulses simulate the logic gates in a computer’s ALU (Bhagawad Gita In Binary Codes by ) we must understand BJP is supercomputer of digital data equipped with vedic maths. Vedic maths is now penetrated into the primary education to tap in the pulse of even the generations to come.

As per Chapter three of The Bhagawad Gita these electric shocks via the sense organs get birth from the Rajo Guna. Remind you Raj, Tam and Sat Gunas represent the structure of Electrons, Protons and Neutrons respectively. This rajo guna tends to find the noble gas structure, stability ie stith pragya and that’s the science of the periodic table and the Prime Ministers recent appearances reflect this state of stith pragya.

Let’s start with the basics to point out that Albert Einstein proved the equivalence of mass and energy that were already equal and his constant C^2 the ultimate variable. The equation e = mc^2 stands for energy (e) equals mass (m) multiplied by the speed of light squared (c^2). It states that energy and mass are two interchangeable forms of the same entity, known as matter-energy. This relativity, which observers in uniform motion.

But how did Einstein come up with this equation? It all started with his famous thought experiment, where he imagined himself riding on a beam of light. This led him to the realization that the speed of light is constant, regardless of the observer’s frame of reference. He then combined this concept with the already established equation of energy, E = mv^2, to arrive at the final equation, e = mc^2.

E= mc^2 can be derived using the principles of special relativity and the mass-energy equivalence principle. Here is a step-by-step derivation:

  1. Special relativity states that the energy (e) of an object at rest is equal to its rest mass (m) times the square of the speed of light (c). This can be written as e = mc^2.
  2. According to special relativity, the mass of an object increases as its velocity approaches the speed of light. This is given by the equation m = m0 / sqrt(1 – v^2/c^2), where m0 is the rest mass of the object, v is its velocity, and c is the speed of light.
  3. Let’s consider an object at rest, so its velocity v is zero. Therefore, the equation from step 2 simplifies to m = m0.
  4. Now, we can substitute the mass from step 3 into the energy equation from step 1. This gives us e = m0c^2.
  5. The mass-energy equivalence principle, proposed by Albert Einstein, states that energy (e) and mass (m0) are interchangeable. In other words, energy can be converted into mass, and vice versa.
  6. Combining step 5 with step 4, we can rewrite the equation as e = mc^2.

Thus, the equation e = mc^2 is derived from the principles of special relativity and the mass-energy equivalence principle. It signifies the relationship between mass and energy, showing that even small amounts of mass can be converted into large amounts of energy.

Now, let’s delve into the connection between this scientific breakthrough and the Vedic literature. The Vedas, the ancient Hindu scriptures, contain a wealth of knowledge on various subjects, including physics to understand the Hindutv Model in it’s veracity. In fact, the concept of matter-energy equivalence can be traced back to the Vedas, which describe the universe as being made up of energy in different forms and this understanding can justify everything related to the BJP manifesto with just simple additions and subtractions in the Union Budget.

The Vedas also talk about the concept of Maya, which means the illusory nature of the material world. Digita media campaign and social media is riding the power of illusion like Rana Pratap riding Chetak. This concept is similar to the idea of matter and energy being interchangeable. Just like how energy can be converted into mass and vice versa, the Vedas state that the material world is a manifestation of the underlying energy, also known as Bramh. Hence the saintly long beards getup of the Prime Minister.

Moreover, the Vedic literature mainly talks about the concept of non-duality, where everything in the universe is connected and exists as one. This idea is in line with Einstein’s theory of special relativity, which showed that energy and mass are two sides of the same coin.

In essence, the derivation of e = mc^2 and the concepts of non-duality and Maya from the Vedic literature are interconnected. Both point towards the idea that the material world is just an illusion and that everything is connected at a fundamental level.

In conclusion, the derivation of e = mc^2 is not just a scientific breakthrough but also an application of the ancient wisdom present in the Vedic literature in the Lok Sabha elections 2024. It shows us that even though we may have made incredible advancements in science and technology, the essence of the universe and its workings have been known to us for centuries so why not hone this as election campaign think the strategists of the rulling party . It is a reminder that the pursuit of knowledge and understanding should not be limited to one field but should encompass all aspects of life, including ancient wisdom to win the elections 2024 on the basis of the scientific latent of the Hindutv Model.

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